Outlook on Mac is slow again (version 15.18)

Outlook on Mac is slow again (version 15.18)

A new rev of Outlook is out. I believe in running the latest of everything all the time. I am one of those “auto-update” people. Microsoft Office on the Mac tends to be fluky. Sometimes you get bunch of new features that you really wanted to become available on the Mac. And sometimes you get less luck and the platform becomes sluggish or unstable again.

This time it was Outlook version 15.18. It has couple of new features – great!

But it is also bringing the performance of Outlook on my OS X El Capitan Macbook Air to horrendous status once again. This is a recurring issue.

They will probably find a fix within few weeks and push another update. It happened before. But for now, Outlook on OS X is almost unusable. Every preview of email takes for ages and you see the OSX Spinning Wait Cursor. You want to open an appointment on the calendar. Same thing happens. It takes time.

Continue to be a disappointing experience to the point i am considering to stop updating Outlook automatically and switch to a once in a year update

Update from June 2016:

Few updates later the performance got better again. The one thing that stayed bad is the calendar. Every time there is a popup of a calendar reminder, Outlook becomes “stuck” for +10 seconds before returning to normal.


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